Civic Holidays

Election Hero Day

Celebrate the election administration teams, poll workers, and others around the country who help ensure voters can cast their ballots securely and successfully.

Election Hero Day recognizes the important work and contributions of poll workers, election administrators, and clerks to ensure efficient and secure elections. Join business leaders, elected officials, nonprofit leaders, and citizens from around the country the day before Election Day to celebrate these heroes of our democracy. Register for this holiday!

Vote Early Day

Most voters can cast their ballot prior to Election Day. Vote Early Day makes that process easier by helping all eligible voters understand their voting options while celebrating the act of voting early.

We need partners in every community across the nation to help us celebrate. Vote Early Day will provide resources to help you plan a grassroots event, share messages across social, recruit poll workers, or get involved with larger events locally. Partners are on the front lines of spreading accurate information to their communities about how to vote early. Join as a partner!

Are you an organization that wants to help us reach more than one million voters on Vote Early Day through digital channels or host an in-person event for over 1,000 people? Reach out to to learn more about how to become a Premier Partner. Premier Partners must commit to select requirements.

National Voter Education Week

Give voters the tools, information and confidence they need to cast their ballot by helping them find their polling location, understand their ballot, and make a plan to vote.

As a Partner, National Voter Education Week will share partner-level resources with your organization, and we’ll work together to make sure we’re equipping new voters with the voter education tools they need to grow our democracy. Learn more about what it means to be a partner!

If you want to level up your partnership with National Voter Education Week, you can sign on as a Creative! Creatives will work with National Voter Education Week to craft original content that will be amplified across the country.

National Voter Registration Day

As many as 1 in 4 eligible Americans are not registered to vote. Help us change that by joining in on the country’s largest single-day voter registration drive and organizing a registration event in your community or online!

National Voter Registration Day is looking for partners of all stripes and sizes to help get their communities registered and ready to vote through in-person or online events  on September 20, 2022! Every year on the holiday, organizations such as nonprofits, campus groups, libraries, election offices, businesses, digital platforms, and many more participate in a coordinated day of action to register as many voters as possible. Partners receive free National Voter Registration Day posters and stickers as well as trainings and resources to make their efforts a success. Register today!