Civic Holidays


Campus Takeover is a nation-wide effort to mobilize students around elections and to create a culture of civic engagement on college campuses during the Civic Holidays.

Campus Takeover focuses on college and university campuses because they are natural hubs for student engagement. By centering our efforts on campuses, we are able to help students realize their identities as voters, remove common barriers from civic engagement, and create a culture of voting and non-partisan civic engagement on campuses that students are likely to carry with them long after they graduate.

The Campus Takeover team, co-led by the Alliance for Youth Organizing and the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, provides specialized resources and support to college campuses through toolkits, webinars, and more! Student organizations, campus offices, and community organizations are all welcome to partner and receive resources.


Each of these toolkits provides campuses and organizations with a step-by-step guide for how to run a successful Civic Holiday event on your college campus. Toolkits include resources and strategies for planning your event, recruiting volunteers, communications, event execution, and so much more. 

2023 National Voter Registration Day Campus Takeover Toolkit Coming Soon!

2023 National Voter Education Week Campus Takeover Coming Soon!

2023 Vote Early Day Campus Takeover Toolkit Coming Soon!

The Campus Takeover program is run in partnership with the major Civic Holidays:

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Campus Takeover is made possible by the Alliance for Youth Organizing and the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition.