Civic Holidays


Campus Takeover is a nation-wide effort to mobilize students around elections and to create a culture of civic engagement on college campuses during the Civic Holidays.

The Campus Takeover team, co-led by the Alliance for Youth Organizing and the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, provides specialized resources and support to college campuses through toolkits, webinars, and mini grants. Student organizations, campus offices, and community organizations are all welcome to partner and receive resources.

This program focuses on college and university campuses because they are natural hubs for student engagement. By centering our efforts on campuses, we are able to help students realize their identities as voters, remove common barriers from civic engagement, and create a culture of voting and non-partisan civic engagement on campuses that students are likely to carry with them long after they graduate.

How to get involved

Fill out the Civic Holidays partner form and be sure to check the box that says you are working on a college campus and would like to sign up for Campus Takeover! 

The Civic Holidays partner form will be available later this year. If you have any questions, please email

The Campus Takeover program is run in partnership with the major Civic Holidays:



Each of these toolkits provides campuses and organizations with a step-by-step guide for how to run a successful Civic Holiday event on your college campus. Toolkits include resources and strategies for planning your event, recruiting volunteers, communications, event execution, and so much more. These toolkits are for the 2021 Civic Holidays, check back later this year for updated 2022 toolkits.

Additional Resources From Our Partners

In addition to the Civic Holidays, here are some additional fun and easy opportunities to encourage your campus community to vote! These resources from our partners can help you celebrate in other ways while maintaining democratic engagement year-round.

Explore the SLSV Coalition campaign celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 26th Amendment, which lowered the national voting age to 18 and outlawed age discrimination in voting. Be sure to check out the “26th Amendment Resources” section for programming tools that can be used for events around the Civic Holidays or Constitution Day. 


We will offer multiple webinars leading up to the Civic Holidays designed to share best practices and tips, and prepare you to make the most of each Civic Holiday. Once webinars are scheduled for 2021, we will share registration links here. 

Mini Grants

In order to scale and support the civic education work on campuses, grants from the Alliance for Youth Organizing will be available to eligible student organizations and off-campus partners hosting Campus Takeover events and of the following Civic Holidays: National Voter Registration Day, National Voter Education Week, and Vote Early Day. Grants ranging from $100 – $500 will be awarded based on which Civic Holidays you plan to organize an event for, scale of the applicant’s event or efforts, creative strategies and tactics to increase engagement, collaboration with other organizations, and need.

Sign up as a partner and we will be in touch about how to apply for a Campus Takeover Mini Grant.

Campus Takeover is made possible by the Alliance for Youth Organizing and the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition.